Team Email

This weekend we’re moving from Google Mail to Zoho Mail for company email. Depending on what you use to read work email, this will be an adjustment.

We’ll try to minimize the pain.


You’ll get a text from Dave Lyon with your new password (which is just for email! ) Once you are sent that new password, which should be Saturday, April 30 or Monday, May 2, it means your new mailbox is ready to start using at


When Google let us know they were shutting down access to the plan we’d been using all these years, we looked for alternatives. By far the best value was Zoho’s email offering. Zoho is a well-respected technology company in the global space, providing all kinds of services to companies and individuals. So going forward, we’ll be using Zoho mail.


Let’s be really clear- your email address will not change. That contact at Builder XYZ that emailed you last week can still email you just fine.

What do you need to change?

If you’ve been accessing your company email in a web browser from you’ll just need to start going to


If you use an email client like Outlook, Mailbird etc. you will need to add a new account that points to the Zoho servers. Settings details below.

What about my old mail?

As part of the migration, we’ll be moving all your old email to your new account at Zoho.

Mobile Apps

On your smartphone, if you use Apple’s Mail, as well as many other mail apps, you just need to add your Zoho account. If you use the Gmail app though, you will need to do something different. Either start using a more general purpose app or install and use Zoho’s own mail app- links below.

Mail Client Settings

If you use a program or app to read work email, you’ll probably need some of this info in order to set up your new program. If you need to use POP instead of IMAP, please talk to Dave Lyon.

Again, see above if you want to just use Zoho’s app for smartphones- probably the easiest way to get started.

IMAP Settings

Incoming Server Name:

Port: 993

Require SSL: Yes


your current Metro email address

SMTP Settings

Outgoing Server Name:

Port: 465 with SSL


Port: 587 with TLS

Require Authentication: